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About Dr. Rahul Pandit

Dr. Rahul Pandit


Dr. Rahul Pandit is the Director of Critical Care Services at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai. A large quaternary care hospital with more than 80 ICU beds under his care. He is a Visiting Critical Care Consultant at Bathurst Hospital and Wagga Wagga Base hospital , NSW Australia. He treats on an average 4500 critical care patients every year of which approximately 1500 are on ventilator. He is the Chairman of Critical Care Committee for Fortis Group and also a coveted member of the Fortis Medical Council. He is Vice President of the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) and is the immediate past Chairman for the Mumbai Chapter of ISCCM.

He graduated from the Mumbai University and completed his MD in Anesthesiology from The Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals Mumbai. With Critical Care still at a nascent stage in India, his passion for formal training in critical care medicine paved his path to Australia. Awarded as the Best Medical Support in 2005, he completed the prestigious Fellowship of College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand (CICM). He was one of the youngest Critical Care Specialists in Australia. During this time, he researched on several projects, presented and published numerous papers in national & international journals and at conferences. A passionate teacher, he was appointed as Supervisor of Training for College of Intensive Care Medicine at St. George Hospital, University of Sydney. He has also cleared the European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDIC), recognized by the American College of Chest Physicians and ISCCM for his work, he was awarded FCCP by application and IFCCM as a recognition fellowship.

In his Current Profile as Director Critical Care, apart from his clinical and teaching responsibilities, he is responsible for developing patient management protocols, pathways and algorithms. He is a key opinion leader, respected in the entire Fortis Group and is credited of running a closed Intensive Care Unit due to the faith the fellow consultants have bestowed in him and his team. He is the Chairman of the Hospital Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Committee, Member Central Fortis Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Committee and Chairman Hospital Credentialing and Privileging committee. He is co- chair or member of most other clinical monitoring and governing committees in the hospital. He is a key clinician for NABH and JCI accreditation process and has participated in 3 JCI accreditations. He is working currently to take over clinical care at one more Fortis Hospital ICU in the Mumbai (MMR region).
As a leading member of the COVID 19 Maharashtra State Task Force, he is instrumental in formulating the state Critical Care management guidelines, education at district level, and be on call for the entire state for critically ill COVID 19 patient management. His ICU at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai is considered as one of the best in the state for COVID-19 management. He is nationally recognized as an expert in COVID 19 management and has been a part of several scientific deliberations, meetings and leading VIP patients care in COVID 19.

He is considered as a pioneer in Critical Care Echocardiography in India, setting standards, writing teaching manuals and book chapters. He is one of the 4 teachers recognized by the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine for teaching echocardiography in India. He is the Chairman & Co-Chairman of ICU Subcommittee of the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) and Regional Organ and Tissue Transplantation Organisation (ROTTO) respectively, a state government and central government body for Organ Donation. Under his leadership Mumbai has increased the organ donation numbers by 65%. He has also authored donor maintenance guidelines for state and national medical bodies.

A passionate teacher, he has trained more than 75 Critical Care Specialist who contribute to critical care in every corner of India and world. He is a teacher for DNB critical Care, IDCCM, IFCCM and has been the chief examiner for the IDCCM for last 6 years. He is a regular examiner for the DM critical Care assessments.

A team player, he always believes in working together and moving forward. A natural leader he leads from front, his gentle manners allow him to communicate easily across the spectrum from apex management to the base level. This quality of his has earned him many friends and accolades.

He has more than 500 scientific lectures, authored several scientific papers, book Chapters and he has also edited a book. He is a prolific writer, likes watching movies and enjoys his time with his family, wife Dr. Sonali, son and a daughter.



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Being able to get treatment from Dr Rahul was the most luckiest I have been. It is because of him that I am alive today, and able to spend my life in a healthy way. Thank you Dr Rahul for curing me for my illness and taking care of my health. Thanks a lot!

Mrs. Sulochana Bhave – 37 yr old

Dr Rahul Pandit was my doctor when I was admitted in the ICU for severe blockage in my hearts. I was in a very critical condition and couldn’t survive without supportive oxygen. I want to thank Dr Rahul Pandit for all the treatment and mental strength he has given me to go through all this and become a better person. My health has improved a lot now and I am forever indebted to Dr Rahul for he has given me second life!

Mr. Rajiv Pawar – 51 yr old

My Grandmother was admitted in ICU but thanks to Dr Rahul Pandit his treatments have cured my grandmother and she’s all healthy and safe now. Thank you Dr Rahul.

Pratik Nair, Grandson of Sushila Nair – 67 years old

Dr Rahul Pandit is very friendly and comforting with their patients. I had severe chest pain due to asthama so I went to him for chekup. He was very supporting and made me believe that I can fight against this illness and become better soon, which I really did. Thank you for your treatment.

Suresh Jain – 27 yr old

Special thanks to Dr Rahul Pandit and the staff cath lab and ICU for doing a great job. Special thanks to nursing staff and Ms Vinci for loving care. Thanks to the housing keeping staff for following all the protocol. and giving the best hospitality services.

Archana Patil – 34 yrs old

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